Greetings and Welcome.  We are glad you found us.  For more information on the life and work of Whitmore Park United Church, please feel free to click on the links above.  Copies of some bulletins and the most recent church newsletter will also give you a taste of what we have been up to and what we are about.  Just remember:  Noisy children welcome!

Sabbatical Worship and Pastoral Care

  Rev. Tricia Gerhard will be on Sabbatical from January 24 to May 1.  The schedule for worship leadership and pastoral care coverage is below:

Date                  Worship leader      Pastoral Care

January 29              Pam Norman                 Kathy Platt – 586-5615/sunsetunited.kathy@gmail.com

February 5              Regina CGIT                    Kathy Platt

February 12            Mark Pitman                  Kathy Platt

February 19            Outreach Appeal      Russell Mitchell-Walker 761-0556/russell.eastside@sasktel.net

February 26           Christa Eidsness         Russell Mitchell-Walker

March 6                  Pam Norman                  Cameron Fraser – 525-9128/camfraser@knoxmetregina.org

March 13               Roberta Cox                     Cameron Fraser

March 19               Celia Ricker                      Dexter van Dyke – 949-8377/minister.huc@sasktel.net

March 26               Mark Pitman                    Dexter van Dyke

April 2                    Karen Cartmell                 Darrell Reine -757-8444/da.reine@sasktel.net

April 9                   WPUC Choir                      Darrell Reine

April 13                 Maundy Thursday           Darrell Reine                                                                                                                    at Whitmore Park United

April 14                 Good Friday                         Darrell Reine                                                                                                                at Wesley United

April 16                  Easter Sunday                   Cindy Bourgeois – 306-586-5220/wesleyuc.cindy@sasktel.net                                 Christa Eidsness

April 23                 Celia Ricker                          Cindy Bourgeois

April 30                  Mark Pitman                        Kathy Platt (see above)

pulpit supply and pastoral care contacts & calendar only

Our Statement of Purpose

OUR PURPOSE is to worship God, seeking to understand God’s word and will, accepting and returning the love God offers us.

OUR PURPOSE is to be a community of faith, Jesus’ apprentices, who through worship and prayer, patience and forgiveness, sensitivity and mutual support, teaching and learning, study of Bible and Creed will grow in love as individuals and as a company of God’s children.

OUR PURPOSE is to love our neighbours as ourselves, reaching beyond our congregation in ways which convey God’s love.


Children and Youth Ministry

Have children aged 3 and up?  Sunday School happens during the second half of the service — crafts, stories, games, and fun.

Is your child under 3?  We have a well stocked nursery that has a window out into the sanctuary and a speaker so that you can hear the service if you are up there (often we have volunteers from the congregation help in the nursery).

WHISPER CORNER —The congregation of Whitmore Park United Church welcomes children in our worship service.  We provide a “Whisper Corner”, where children can quietly read, draw, colour or do puzzles.  It is available every Sunday prior to Sunday School and on holiday Sundays when we do not have a Sunday School program (e.g., Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas vacation, Summer vacation).  Check out the calendar to find out what is happening on a Sunday.

Have questions about the SUNDAY SCHOOL PROGRAM or the YOUTH GROUP activities, please do contact the office and we can put you in touch with the coordinators!