You have already made the final decision and you can’t wait to have a wedding. You are down with the courthouse and all that remains is a wedding and you choose City Hall to be the venue. Do you have all the information you need to plan such a thing at city hall? Are you aware wedding photographer services are not offered? Do you know the time you should be there? Do you know the limit of guests? I guessed so, read this article and avoid getting hitched at City Hall.

1. Research, research, research.

However obvious it might sound, do your research. Figure out all the logistics and information before the wedding day. For starters, you should have a marriage license and the license appointment should be made 90 days before the wedding day. If you show up with no license, no wedding takes place. This is just one of the many things you should research about.

2. Arrive when ready

Most of the appointments taking place at City Hall occur during early afternoon and the morning. On arrival, ensure you are fully dressed for the day. The courthouse does not have dressing rooms and if you are not ready on arrival you might have to postpone your wedding. The full gown look, the full face make-up or even the simple look- handle all that at home. Ensure your hair and makeup preparations take place earlier so that you are left with enough time.

3. Get your own photographer

Many people choose to wed in the City Hall to cut costs. However, as you cut costs, it is recommendable to invest in wedding photographer services that are experienced. You could choose a photographer who has shot with the best City Hall wedding photographer Toronto before and knows the best venues. You might be the most low-key person in the world, but you will live to cherish your wedding photos. Since your wedding is a one-time thing, invest in the best photographer who will capture moments as they are.

4. Book early enough

Many people make their vows in City Hall. If you want to bet married, a hear from now, nook now. Forget the misconception that you can go to the courthouse in the morning and bet married in the evening. Always be prepared to wait for months or weeks.
Many people choose City Hall because of their budget but even so, splurge a little bit- to honor your nuptials. Indulge a little bit and give yourself the break you deserve- after all, why do you work so hard?