Summary of the Central Board Committees/Responsibilities

The Central Board is responsible, on behalf of the congregation, for the life and work, both spiritual and temporal, of the congregation (pastoral charge).   Members of the Central Board are to be part of the worshipping congregation.  The Board members coordinate the work of the standing committees (see below) of the Central Board.  Minutes from Central Board meetings are posted in the sanctuary for all to read.

The Executive of the Central Board includes:

      • Past Chairperson: Acts as chair of nominating committee
      • Chairperson:  is responsible for chairing board and congregational meetings, preparing agendas for meetings and announcing decisions of board to the congregation.  The chairperson provides support for the functioning of all standing committees.
      • Vice Chairperson: is responsible to act in the absence of the chairperson and to assist the chairperson as necessary.
      • Secretary:  is responsible for recording and circulating proceedings of meetings of the board.  The secretary is responsible for all correspondence and for ensuring that records and documents are preserved and forwarded as required to Presbytery.
      • Treasurer:  is responsible for maintaining financial records, assisting with budget development, paying bills, payroll, and tracking income and expenses.  The treasurer is a member of the Finance committee.
      • Chairpersons of Standing Committees
      • Ministerial Staff
      • Presbytery Representatives
      • Board of Trustees Representative
Current Central Board Co-Chairs:  Carolann Louttit & Orval Lewis

Standing Committees of the Central Board

Christian Development/Education Committee:  is responsible for the Christian Education program of Whitmore Park United Church.  The committee initiates and supports adult education, leadership training and children & youth education such as
Sunday school, vacation bible school and youth group.

Current Chair:  Edith Nagy

      • YOUTH GROUP:  meets Friday nights from January to May, and October to December.  Youth Group is open to youth aged 14-17 years old.  Events have included movies, bowling, outdoor games and formal nights.  Group discussions have ranged from creation to world religion to prayer and God’s presence in our lives.  
      • SUNDAY SCHOOL  Our Sunday School provides Christian Education opportunities for children and youth of all ages.  Lessons are based off of the Best of the Whole People of God curriculum, which is steeped in the United Church ethos.  The Sunday school also does special activities like the annual Christmas Pageant, a tobogganing party, and Camping Sunday.

Finance Committee: is responsible for managing the financial affairs of Whitmore Park United Church.  The finance committee compiles the annual budget for presentation to the congregation.  They also report the current financial situation to the congregation.

Current Chairperson:  Wayne Masson

Ministry and Personnel Committee: works to encourage and support a congenial and effective team of staff members.  The committee prepares position descriptions, conducts regular performance reviews, reviews and recommends salary and benefits for all paid staff.  Congregational concerns and affirmations regarding the staff go through the members of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

Current Chairperson:  Barbara Zalinko

Nominating Committee:  is responsible for recruiting and presenting a full slate of officers and committee members to the congregation for election at the annual congregational meeting.

Outreach Committee:  is responsible for leading the congregation in programs  which express its love for neighbour, (local, national and international) through social action, social service and education.

Current Chairperson:  Diane Clay Lewis

Pastoral Care and Membership:  is responsible for leadership in building of community by initiating non -financial visiting/care programs.  The committee coordinates non critical pastoral visits to shut-ins and housebound members, works with the Pastoral Care Minister and sends greeting cards to members of the congregation.  The committee also recommends persons for membership, transfer and removal from the membership list.

Current Co-Chairpersons:   Corrie McLeod

Presbytery Representative: is responsible for representing Whitmore Park United at Wascana Presbytery meetings and is the communication link between Wascana Presbytery and the congregation.

Current representatives:  Barbara Zalinko and Pamela Norman

Property Committee:  is responsible for the maintenance of the building and contents, repairs and capital projects.

Current Chairpersons:  Rod McLeod & Roger Claussen

Stewardship Committee:  is responsible for organizing, developing and implementing an ongoing stewardship program within the congregation.

Current Chair:  Carolann Louttit

Trustees:  is responsible for holding all lands, premises, real and personal property acquired for the use of a local church or pastoral charge of the United Church -in trust for the United Church of Canada.

Worship Committee:  is responsible, in consultation with the Minister and music director, for regular and special worship services including weddings, funerals, baptism and Parkside Extendicare services.  This committee works closely with the house groups to provide ushers, greeters and worship assistants.

Current Chairperson:  Dianne Stark

Celebrations Committee:  is responsible for the coordination of fun/fellowship activities for the congregation including annual events and events of circumstance.  For example pot-luck suppers, welcome back gathers in the fall or unscheduled events like farewell gatherings and celebrations of special events.

Instrument Committee:  undertakes the responsibility of care and maintenance of all musical instruments currently owned by the congregation.  Also facilitates the raising of funds for the acquisition of new instruments as needed.

If you need to contact any of the committee chairpersons or would like further information about any committee and their duties, please phone (306.586.3977) or email the church office.