This is the official handbook for Whitmore Park United Church, containing policies and procedures for each committee, as well as wedding, baptism, and funeral policies.

1. Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Mission & Visioning

4. Statement of Purpose

5.  Central Board (duties and membership)

6.  Christian Development Committee (duties and membership)

 7.  Finance Committee (duties and membership)

 8.  Ladies Fellowship (duties)

 9.  Men’s Club (duties)

10.  Ministry and Personnel Committee (duties and membership)

11.  Nominating Committee (duties and membership)

12.  Outreach Committee (duties and membership)

13.  Pastoral Care and Membership (duties and membership)

14.  Presbytery Representative(s) (duties)

15.  Property Committee (duties and membership)

16.  Stewardship Committee (duties and membership)

17.  Trustees (duties and membership)

18.  Worship Committee (duties and membership)

19.  Minister (job description)

20.  Caretaker (job description)

21.  Office Coordinator (job description)

22.  Pastoral Care Minister (job description)

23.  Music Director (job description)


Appendix A — Procedure for Budget Preparation

Appendix B — Procedure for Salary Decisions

Appendix C — Procedure for Hiring Non-Ministry Staff

Appendix D — Procedure for Servicing Equipment

Appendix E — Procedure for Submitting Expenses for Payment

Appendix F — Wedding Policy

Appendix G — Policy Regarding Camera/Video Use During Worship

Appendix H — Fees for Weddings and Funerals

Appendix I — Automated Payroll System (through ADP)

 Appendix J — Regulations for Use of Church Premises

Appendix K — Special Events Cost Recovery Policy

Appendix L — Fees for Use of Building

Appendix M — Policy & Procedure for Volunteer Support for Memorial Services

Appendix N — Policy & Guidelines for Sponsorship of Christian Development events

Appendix O — Sexual Abuse Prevention Policy

Appendix P — Policy for Sick Leave